Yujie Wang (王宇杰)

B.A. in Architecture with Environment & Energy Engineering; Master in Computational Design

Yujie is a product designer/manager, HCI researcher, and entrepreneur, shaping human relationships with machines and the environment in hybrid fields of healthcare, sustainability, and creativity. Prior to Harvard, Yujie studied Human-Computer Interaction and Computational Design at MIT and earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture with Environment and Energy Engineering at University of Toronto. Yujie is the Co-founder of Muser and AiRCAD, with research experience at Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group and Harvard Medical School as well as professional experience across healthcare, smart home, XR, digital farming, and supply chain industries in companies like Philips Healthcare, IKEA Home Smart, Maersk, and FaunaPhotonics. Yujie delivers transformative ways for how people interact with media such as brain-computer interfaces, wearable devices, data platform, IoT sensor network, and responsive environments, enhancing personal, social, and ecological well-being from the body, city scale to the planetary scale.

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