Campus Life

The student experience is inseparable from MDE cohort life. We believe that everyone is different, and everyone belongs. Students from all disciplines work closely together in core MDE courses, using the studio space as an all-purpose work area in and out of class. MDE students attend events together and frequently overlap in electives across the Harvard campus. The program provides a rich environment for both academic and non-academic life, allowing students to partake in MDE, GSD, and SEAS communities as they choose.

Hear about the MDE experience directly from Nupur Gurjar (MDE 21′) in her interview with the GSD.

As part of the GSD…

Grid strucutre build in the backyard of Gund Hall by Andres Svetsuk and students as part of a research project by the City Form Lab.

As part of SEAS…

Dr. Yvonne Cagle, a NASA Astronaut and Family Physician, discussed her research and work at an MDE lecture.

…MDE students are elected to Student Forum, an organization that works with the larger student body and administration to discuss and improve student life at the GSD. Student Forum also organizes GSD-wide events that embrace MDE as part of the community, including the frequent and much loved Beer ‘n Dogs, the annual Beaux Arts Ball, and Thanksgiving Dinner. MDE projects are nominated and included in the annual A to Z publication and a student exhibit based on rigor and quality.

…MDE students are invited to school-wide social events, and showcase work at the annual Design & Project Fair. Limited spots for dinner discussions with SEAS speakers and guests are extended as available, and MDE students frequently work as teaching fellows in undergraduate courses. Because the SEAS/FAS student body is largely undergraduate, MDE students are afforded unique opportunities in mentorship and instruction, whether directly within SEAS or within organizations like the Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE) Mentorship program.

Exploring Harvard

Beyond the GSD and SEAS, Harvard has an array of facilities and resources, opportunities for extracurriculars, and academic support. MDE students and graduates have used the Harvard iLab, and student projects have received funding from the Harvard Office of Sustainability, supporting project work into the summer. A comprehensive list of resources would be impossible. Network and explore!

Two overlapping photos of Gund Hall and Pierce Hall

Beyond Harvard

There is far more to being a student at Harvard than on-campus life. The Boston area has a wealth of local events, venues, and opportunities, and there is something for everyone, from foodies to outdoor enthusiasts. The rich intellectual life surrounding Harvard further ensures ample opportunity for research and academic engagement, including MIT, where MDE students can take a limited number of electives.

“The biggest surprise so far is how much there is to learn, how many opportunities there are outside of the classroom, and how many amazing people there are here.”

– Michael Raspuzzi (MDE ’18)

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