Wolfgang Rieder


Wolfgang Rieder is an Austrian entrepreneur and strategist, and is passionate about empowering indigenous people at the Pacific Northwest. Rieder is CEO of Rieder Group, founded in 1958, which he has led on a transformative journey, and into its third generation, since joining in 2003.

Contributing and giving back are of paramount importance for Rieder, his company is dedicated to launch the world’s first cement-free concrete façade panels. The order is to do everything possible for a more resource friendly building company, starting at an individual level. Along the lines from Samuel Beckett “ever tried, ever failed, fail better” Rieder is involved in multiple initiatives to become CO2 positive by 2030. In order to completely replace the largest CO2 driver in the core business in the long term, he is developing a cement-reduced and subsequently cement-free concrete. Planting over 500,000 trees to neutralize Rieder’s CO2 emission and the reuse of materials is an approach that he is also aggressively pursuing in the day-to-day business.

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