Vera (Yu) Wu

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Vera is passionate about the intersection of humanity and technology, with a particular focus on behavioral studies, AI collaboration and communication. Prior to Harvard, Vera worked as a UX Designer and Project Manager at Apple. There, she explored various technologies and developed prototypes for future products. Her work spanned across projects related to Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, and Human-Computer Interaction. Vera’s experience collaborating with diverse teams, ranging from Engineering, Marketing to Legal and Government, has broadened her understanding of the factors influencing the success of innovative products. Vera believes in achieving a balance between the latest advancements and user needs, while adeptly navigating the complexities of business, policy, and culture. She hopes to seek interdisciplinary solutions and explore the myriad of possibilities brought by technologies. In her free time, Vera enjoys seal carving, calligraphy, painting, and dancing.

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