Valentina Arango Low

B.S. Industrial Engineering

Valentina has developed a career around social impact for 4 years, driven by the desire to close the gap of unequal socioeconomic conditions in her country, Colombia. She came to MDE hoping to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable communities.

She graduated Cum Laude from her Bachelor in Industrial Engineer at Universidad de Los Andes. She worked at Compartamos con Colombia as a social consultant to nonprofit organizations. Afterwards, she joined Instiglio, where she designed Results-Based Financing structures to shift the focus from activities to outcomes of international development projects.

Valentina is a maker. She founded her own impact enterprise, a business of ecofriendly crochet stuffed toys. Moreover, she enjoys pottery, knitting, and jewelry making.

Besides work, Valentina is an adventurer who loves hiking, scuba diving, traveling to new countries, and learning languages.

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