Team SenSoil (MDE’24) wins Harvard Climate Innovation Award

Team SenSoil (Yujie Wang, Riley Sandberg, and Michael Park, all MDE ’24) won the Harvard Climate Innovation Award in Carbon Dioxide Removal for their studio project “Passive In-Field Measurement of Soil Carbon Sequestration for Voluntary Carbon Markets”. The competition was sponsored by Frontier and Homeworld Collective.

About the project: Carbon sequestration, as a major approach to removing excess carbon dioxide, is essential in combating climate change and counteracting continued high rates of global emissions. SenSoil investigates the possibility of a non-destructive low-cost in-the-field soil carbon assessment method by leveraging the strong correlations between soil carbon content, plant root depth, and root exudates. This one-time installment device with an annual testing frequency will support farmers to participate in voluntary carbon markets and generate additional income streams.