Sneha Arvind

B.Des in Industrial Design with a specialization in Furniture and Interior Design

Sneha is an Industrial Designer, Design Researcher, and Sketchnoter from India. She was interested in the MDE program for its opportunity to break out of her silo, ask new questions and collaborate with a highly diverse cohort to address complex, interdisciplinary challenges. Before the MDE program, she worked as a Design Researcher in Design Strategy and Innovation consulting, where she helped MNCs and startups across verticals better understand the people they were trying to solve for. She worked on diverse research briefs, including understanding data privacy concerns among low-income consumers with World Bank/CGAP and understanding the advertiser landscape targeting the next billion internet users in India. Sneha also worked as a Designer and Researcher at a startup focused on training, mentoring, and sponsoring young individuals with disabilities. Here, she taught marketable skills to young individuals with disabilities and led key research initiatives exploring how they interact with technology.

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