Shivesh Sood

B.S.E. in Electronics Engineering

Shivesh is an Ex-Founder and Software Engineer turned Product Manager with a passion for working on innovative 0-to-1 products. Before joining MDE, Shivesh worked on agricultural technology solutions for Indian Governments through his startup, Hyperbloom. At Hyperbloom, he developed an affordable handheld device that analyzed crop health for the purposes of farm input management. Soon after, he worked as a Product Manager at StayQrious, a YC-backed edtech startup where he coordinated design and engineering teams and created delightful digital experiences that helped kids gain coding skills. At Harvard, Shivesh plans to strengthen his skills in data analysis, user research, and entrepreneurship towards his goal of understanding complex, multi-layered problem spaces through the varied lenses of society, policy, and technology. Shivesh is passionate about startups, innovation, geopolitics, and history.

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