Neeti Nayak

Neeti Nayak is a designer, engineer, and performing artist interested in the geopolitics of technology and it’s effect on the intangible culture of spaces. Her work at Harvard focused on the informality in the rural-urban space and creating solutions for marginalized communities who exist in that space, as well as agriculture and farmer community development. She worked as a researcher in the Partition project with the South Asia Institute, and was among the core-organizers of the India Conference at Harvard for two years. She has continued her work with central Indian farmers and artisans, and was awarded the South Asia Institute grant for her IDEP concept, as well as the Asia Center Graduate Student Associateship. Prior to her degree, she worked as a performing artist and in the defense avionics and aerospace industry. She continues to explore her interests at Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), where she works on design and development of Geospatial products, Geospatial analysis, and its application to policy and the built environment.

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