Mimi Kigawa

M.A. in Geosciences and Business

Mimi is a designer, researcher and tinkerer who is fascinated with human behavior and has combined that interest with her passion for design, storytelling, and psychology to solve complex problems. Ever-obsessed with asking ‘why’, she gets her greatest satisfaction uncovering nuanced consumer insight and turning small human truths into big commercial ideas that have a positive social impact. Prior to attending MDE, Mimi was an innovation consultant at Fahrenheit 212, where she led teams in ethnographic research and idea development to design and test products and services across a range of verticals. Mimi joined the MDE program with a specific interest in material science and its intersection with technology to create smart solutions for the most underserved communities around the world. Outside of school, Mimi is usually researching her next hiking trail or rummaging through antique furniture shops.

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