Michael Raspuzzi

Pre MDE: Michael was formerly trained as an architect, receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell, and built products, communities, and services as an entrepreneur. He founded Life Changing Labs’ summer incubator, started Cornell’s first Make-athon, and managed community events that helped 1000+ student entrepreneurs prototype solutions to real world problems outside of the classroom.

During MDE: He built projects across the food system. From agrimetrics for policy makers in Central India to personalized microbiome research at the Innovation Lab, he spent his time exploring areas to expand his circle of competency beyond what he didn’t know he didn’t know. His thesis project with Julie Loiland, EMMA: Maternal Healthcare Coach, earned him and Julie the MDE 2018 Thesis Prize. With a focus on project based learning across disciplines, he taught 8 different courses across Harvard SEAS, GSD, College, and in professional education.

Post MDE: After closing a personalized nutrition startup, Michael launched The Knowledge Society (TKS) Boston program with a mission to build the future of education with a 10 month global accelerator teaching teens exponential technologies and sciences. His students have been featured in Boston Inno 25U25, worked in Harvard + MIT Labs and local deep tech startups, and have raised funding for initial prototypes. As an executive board member for the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper Boston Hub, he is actively building collaborative organizations, initiatives, and communities to open up access for better models and systems of learning to solve the world’s most important problems. Currently, he runs TKS global programs.

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