Hesan Sedaghat

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Hesan is a Design Engineer specializing in robotics, product design, and creative technologies. He graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Robotics Engineering and Mathematics. Beyond his technical prowess, Hesan’s endeavors in entrepreneurship and marketing have shaped him into a well-rounded engineer. Before joining the MDE program, he worked in various industries including agriculture, healthcare, biotech, and retail where he aided various ventures in developing their innovative products from napkin sketches all the way to patenting their invention.

During his time at Harvard, he intends to strengthen his multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and take a deeper dive into the intersection of robotics and interactive environments. With a firm belief in the confluence of technology and human-centric design, Hesan envisions a future where robotic systems are seamlessly aligned with human needs and can create unique experiences in our everyday lives.

In his spare time, Hesan always seeks to learn new skills and experiences to push the limits of his creativity. If not working on an engineering project at the makerspace, he is either frolicking around the city to test his photography skills or getting lost in nature to find inspiration for his next project.

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