Food Systems

Collaborative Design Engineering Studio I/II

Food Systems: Master in Design Engineering at Harvard
Collaborative Studio 2016-2017

Studio Faculty: Jock Herron, Chuck Hoberman, Peter Stark

Program Co-Directors: Martin Bechthold, Woodward Yang

Program Coordinator: Janessa Mulepati

Editors-in-Chief: Brian Ho, Michael Raspuzzi

Design Team: Ngoc Doan, Chien-Min Lu, Karen Su

Editing Team: Zeerak Ahmed, Neeti Nayak

Copy Editor: Alberto de Salvatierra

Printer: Thomson Shore

Student Work

Zeerak Ahmed, Nicole Bakker, Jeremy Burke, Ngoc Doan, Kun Fan, Ramon Gras, Chao Gu, Brian Ho, Julie Loiland, Chien-Min Lu, Terra Moran, Santiago Mota, Neeti Nayak, Michael Raspuzzi, Karen Su


This publication would not have been possible without the help, support and guidance of many others. The publication thanks Wolfgang Rieder, MDE external advisory board member, and Rieder Group from Salzburg, Austria for their generous support.

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