Enlight places at MIT Sloan Product Conference Hackathon

Enlight, a project by Joachim Asare, Prachi Mehta, Hessan Sedaghat, and Sangyu Xi (all MDE ’25), won third place at the MIT Sloan Product Hackathon sponsored by Google.

Per Sangyu Xi, “Enlight is a conversational data analytics web extension prioritizing accessibility for the visually impaired business owners. In just two weeks, we designed the interfaces, coded the extension, created animations, and formulated a business model and go-to-market strategy. The endorsement from the Google judges Benji Soto, Annie Schugart, James Maffey, and Ryan McMorrow, was a significant validation of our inclusive technology approach: technology showcased [in demo] has the possibility to be truly transformative, just incredible; [Enlight is a] powerful tool provide tremendous opportunities for the visually impaired to really understand what’s happening on the webpage.”

Read Sangyu’s full post here.