The multidimensional health coach for new moms (and parents)

Julie Loiland (MDE ’18)
Michael Raspuzzi (MDE ’18)

Project Type
Independent Design Engineering Project

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Project Advisors
Jock Herron
Peter Stark

Taking care of a newborn child is challenging and multifaceted. Information needed to provide the necessary care as a first-time mother is uncurated through online resources, books, conversations with friends, and doctors’ opinions; expensive in both time and money for professional consultation, especially between different dimensions of care such as personal nutrition, fitness, and health; and is often limited to personal intergenerational experience with parents sharing information. The primary focus on care for the newborn ignores the care that the new mother should be taking to recover properly into a new way of life. With so many physiological and psychological changes, the new mother is at risk for mental illness and unhealthy habits around sleep, stress management, nutrition, fitness, and social aspects, which could lead to the longer term health complications of overweight and obesity. This is an important point for intervention, because it can negatively influence child growth and development.

Our solution, Emma, is a conversational maternal health coach focusing on postpartum health for mothers and their children. Emma is not a replacement for doctors or medical specialists, but acts as a first point of contact to encourage conversation and answer questions backed by experts, culminating with a consultation with a qualified professional if needed.  The platform integrates machine learning, behavioral science, and user experience design to help new moms adjust after childbirth as well as promote good habits in the home for child-rearing.

Three mockups of the emma app side by side on iPhonee: with a login, ask a question, and chat screen.

The app has 3 primary features: 

  • A chatbot to ask questions
  • A place to browse community questions
  • A place to connect with a professional

Link to Front-End Screens

Chatbot Prototype