Elisa Ngan

After 8+ years of chasing “why,” Elisa is now unpacking to “how.” She has orchestrated the construction of both public physical architectures ($500+ million projects) and white-labelled digital platforms (Fortune 500 & Global 2000 enterprises) across regulated and unregulated spaces. With this cross-domain multi-sectoral experience, she is able to bring holistic, practical expertise across the “Big Data” lifecycle, from ingestion with devices + integrations to processing with ML / BPL, through sane change management with data systems and access control. She is committed to leveraging design practice in order to protect ethical outcomes in light of increasingly connected environments. A person with severe hearing loss, a child of genocide refugees, and an outspoken woman, Elisa graduated from UC Berkeley CED with an intense love for critical theory in the built environment.

Pre-MDE degree: B.A. in Architecture

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