Daeun Yoo

B.A. in Fine Arts, Minor in Business Administration

Daeun Yoo is an UX designer and researcher who builds human-centered service by combining social science and technology. During her time at Samsung Electronics, she was a leader of the advisory team for Samsung’s CEO. Also, she was working on “SmartThings IoT solution” and “Account app” which achieved more than 500 million downloads around the world.

As an UX lecturer, Daeun Yoo has mentored at Korean government agencies for several times with her design expertise, which has proven by “2022 iF Design Award (project leader)” and “IASDR 2021 (co-author, behavioral economics + design)”. At Harvard University, she is developing her multidisciplinary specialty as a member of “Harvard Behavioral Insights Student Group” and expanding her understanding in “Design with AI”. Ultimately, she hopes that through her work, all of humankind can become more self-reliant and realize more dreams in life.

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