CADY project a top contender for design awards

A close up model shot of the Cady Smart Cane Handle

As part of the MDE studio, the student team of Togo Kida, Hane Roh, Mitsue Guerrero Monsalve, and Yash Bhutada (all MDE ’20), created CADY, a personalized coach in the form of a handle for a walking aid. Employing calm technology principles, CADY passes rhythmic vibrations to subconsciously guide a person’s gait. A person can maintain their stride by matching their “comfortable walking speed” with CADY’s haptic feedback.

The project won the “Student Notable Health & Wellness Award” from the 2020 Core77 Design Awards.

The project won an Iron Design Award winner in the 2019-2020 Differently Abled and Seniors’ Assistance Design Award.

The project was listed as commendable project by the 19-20 Royal Society of the Arts (RSA).