Allison Karp

BS Aerospace Engineering with Minor in Mathematics

Allison completed her BS in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from Penn State in December 2021. She realized during her junior year of undergrad that she wanted to use her aerospace knowledge to help improve the renewable energy industry. She applied to MDE to not only learn more about the design process, but also about laws and policies in place for environmental/energy companies. She wants to have a broader understanding of the sustainable field from many points of view. She has a strong engineering and mechanical-design background, and would like to learn more about the societal impact that new products can have. She is excited to collaborate with people of all different types of background for projects since she has only really worked with other engineers. Her past experience includes an internship at Lockheed Martin, where she was a test engineer in the space division, and her most recent internship at Lumentum, where she served as a mechanical engineer. She interned at Lumentum for over a year, where she was one of the main designers on new, innovative laser test setups for customers.

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