Thresholds: Design and Science

Science and design are often thought to represent opposite mindsets of analysis versus conjecture, of explanatory versus disruptive modes of thinking. Audacious, provocative, and unconventional work emerges when we cross the traditional disciplinary divide between science and design. The March 2020 conference assembles thought leaders from both areas—researchers and practitioners who interrogate the spaces in between through their work. The sessions, which are thematically aligned with the human senses, present a multitude of approaches, methods, and techniques that transcend the disciplinary focus. Conceived as an open forum for exploration and discussion, the conference is co-hosted by faculty from the Graduate School of Design and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University. The projects and explorations featured range from fashion to material science, from therapeutic devices to building science, and from cooking to cognitive science.



Jody Adams

Joanna Aizenberg

Jeronimo Beccar

Martin Bechthold

Matheus Fernandes

Christina Glover

Jock Herron

Chuck Hoberman

Cameron Hohimer

Ahmed Hosny

Benjamin Markham

Saurabh Mhatre

Olga Mesa

Venkatesh Murthy

Ida Pavlihenko

Manu Ponnapati

Russ Rymer

Allen Sayegh

Pia Sorenson

Mary Tolikas