Student Projects

MDE students complete collaborative and individual projects during their time in the program. In first-year studio, students work within a year-long theme, and in the second year, they undertake an Independent Design Engineering Project (IDEP). Across both the first and second year of the program, students are expected to develop and prototype practical solutions to complex problems. Both studio projects and IDEP's receive program funding. 

Real-world Engagement 

Across all projects, stakeholder engagement is emphasized so that work is grounded in real-world problem-solving that positively impacts society and individual communities. Engagement ranges from interviews and home visits with new mothers (emma), to user testing and surveys (Urdu Project), and beyond. Projects are reviewed and critiqued by faculty, as well as visiting professionals and content experts.

Jeremy Burke (MDE '18) discusses design engineering projects


Collaborative Design Engineering Studio Projects

Studio introduces students in the studio setting to the fundamental tools that enable transformative and integrative design: data analysis and visualization, human-centered design thinking, persona studies, quantitative analysis, modeling and simulation on multiple scales, and prototyping and experimentation. 

Selected Projects

Independent Design Engineering Projects

MDE students complete a project much like a thesis by taking on a real-world, societal challenge of the their choice. Working with stakeholders, the projects leverage a combination of design and engineering methods with the goal of presenting a prototype at the end of the two-semester period. 

Selected Projects