Can MDE students take a leave of absence?

If approved, an MDE student may take a full-year leave of absence (LOA). Due to the sequential nature of the program, students may not take a single-semester LOA. 


Can MDE students take courses outside of the GSD and SEAS?

Electives are selected in consultation with a faculty advisor or co-advisors as part of an individualized academic plan. Students in the program are required to take graduate level courses at both the SEAS and GSD, but also have freedom in cross-registering for courses beyond the two schools as guided by the program elective policy

Elective choices are flexible and allow students to complement their backgrounds, and pursue their interests and passions. The goal is for students to acquire entirely new skillsets while also diving deeper into particular subjects.

Are scholarships or is financial aid available for the MDE program?

MDE Merit Scholarship

  • Each year, two incoming student will be selected as recipients based on overall merit. In this case, we define merit as a holistic combination of academic credentials, financial circumstances, social engagement and leadership, and interdisciplinary experience. This is not to suggest that applicants must excel equally in every single category (academic, social, and interdisciplinary experience), but all categories will be taken into consideration.
  • All incoming students will...
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I don’t have two years of professional experience. Am I still eligible to apply for the program?

At the time of applying, applicants should have at least two years of professional experience in engineering, design, business, government, or other relevant field. Real-world professional experience and the application of that experience to the MDE program is a primary consideration for admissions. Ideally, experience will show evidence of engaging in an interdisciplinary, collaborative setting, and an interest in addressing complex problems.

Could you confirm the length of the program?

The Master in Design Engineering is a two-year, four-term, program requiring full-time residency in the fall and spring terms of two academic years. (Students arriving in fall of 2016 would graduate in May of 2018.)

Could I work while enrolled in the MDE program?

Due to the highly immersive nature of the MDE program, working full time would not be possible. However, some students do have part-time teaching assistant, teaching fellow, research assistant, or other positions.