David Ireland, "Designing for sustainable change"

Designing for sustainable change – particularly in complex systems – is, well, complex. The intricate web of [often competing] human behaviors, mixed together with changing technology, environmental, and economic landscapes, means that there isn’t a map that will lead you to success. David will share his thoughts and insights on how to navigate through the complexity and build sustainable value for clients, stakeholders, and yourself.

Dr. David Ireland is ThinkPlace’s Chief Innovation Officer. Drawing on his two doctorates in innovation and medical science, he has spent the last 15 years creating things that make a difference, from designing anti-cancer drugs to raising venture capital for some of the most innovative startups in Australia. Before joining ThinkPlace, David was CSIRO’s General Manager for International and Innovation Systems. He serves as a World Wildlife Fund Australia Governor, an Adjunct Professor of the University of Queensland, a board member of Macquarie University’s Research Centre for Smart Green Cities, and as an X-Prize judge for an initiative looking at incentivising new technologies for the renewable extraction of water from the atmosphere. For ThinkPlace, David has worked to drive digital and business model innovation across a wide range of portfolios, in areas relating to science, aid, trade, and intellectual property. David is a co-founder and board members of ThinkPlace’s collaboration with Johns Hopkins University on international public health innovation, ThinkAction. He is also the founder of several other companies in sectors ranging from finance, oil and gas, aquaculture, and digital transformation.

David Ireland